TURN evolved from our sister brand, Praxis Works, a drivetrain focused company known for its superb shifting Cold Forged chainrings , and its highly sought-after Conversion bottom bracket. Over the years of hard work building and developing Praxis, TURN organically came to fruition from our customers repeatedly requesting a full crankset that utilized the Praxis rings and BB systems.


So, with our in depth knowledge of drivetrains and demand from the cycling world, our team listened and set forth on a new crank project : TURN.


With this initial offering, we’ve integrated the well known Praxis forged chain rings and M30 BB system with the brand new TURN hollow forged cranks. The aim of this collaboration is to bring a very high level of quality and compatibility to the discerning cycling public, and to set things in motion for more creative and unique drivetrain options in the future.



With our deep history of complex metal manufacturing, it was natural for us to continue working with and create our new cranks from aluminum. The crank arms are made with a unique hollow forging process that aligns the grain of the metal through the use of massive pressure. The end result is a light weight, tougher, and more durable crank than others in the market.


Attention to detail and proprietary in-house forging allows us to control the process from start to finish, and maximize performance from each AL part. Combine this with the Praxis Works cold forged chainrings, and the final product is a beautiful assembly that provides an incredible ride experience.






Named after a famous redwood covered road in Santa Cruz, California, the TURN Zayante 30mm hollow forged crank represents a huge amount of technology in a “Comp” level package. The Zayante combines the benefits of a wide bearing stance with a 30mm aluminum spindle.


Add in beautifully sculpted, hollow forged crank arms and you have a massive amount of stiffness and power transfer. Praxis Works cold forged chainrings and M30 bottom brackets round out the Zayante package for what is a very versatile road crank with superior shifting. The Zayante can be installed in a 68mmBSA English threaded frame, BB86, BB30, PF30, or Specialized OSBB road bike frames.


Full Spec of ZAYANTE M30 Here:







The MTB cousin of the Zayante road crank, the GIRDER hollow forged crank aims to become a go-to MTB Trail crank for all types of riding. The GIRDER combines the benefits of a wide bearing stance with a 30mm aluminum spindle. Add in our stout, hollow forged crank arms and you have a tremendous amount of stiffness as you carve and climb.


Praxis Works chainrings and M30 bottom brackets round out the GIRDER and create a fantastic all purpose MTB trail crank with top notch shifting. The GIRDER can be installed in a 73mm BSA English threaded frame, BB92, BB30 or PF30 MTB frames.
Full Spec of GIRDER M30 Here:




We based the new Turn cranks on the Praxis M30 wide stance platform. The M30 bottom bracket allows us to use one spindle for many of the most common bottom bracket frame standards in the market. This design uses a 30mm Drive bearing, and step down 28mm Non Drive bearing for a GXP-type system. This also keeps the cartridge bearings at the widest point of the spindle yeilding the best support. The M30 bottom bracket is available as an English threaded BB, BB86, BB92 or in the very popular Praxis Conversion for BB30, PF30 and Specialized OSBB frames. One crank, with proper bottom brackets for compatibility across many frame types. Full specifications click here:



The M30 spindle is the other half of the system. It is a 30mm aluminum spindle which utilizes a GXP-type step down to 28mm, and a oversized spline to connect the left arm. With the superior support of the wide-stance bearing bottom bracket, the M30 system takes power transfer to a new level.


We elegantly combined the benefits of a stout, 30mm alloy spindle, with the support benefits of an wide-stance bearing to get the best of both worlds. We didn’t want to chose one or the other… so we married them together.